The St. Stanislaus oratorio


This masterpiece has never been presented in Hungary. The Hungarian or maybe even European premiere!

Sunday 26 June 2011, 8:00 pm

St. Imre Church

1118 Budapeszt, Villányi út 25.

Ferenc Liszt: St. Stanislaus oratorio
Ferenc Liszt: Requiem


Ferenc Liszt – St. Stanislaus oratorio (fragment)

This composition is a masterpiece from Liszt’s late period. In 1860 the great master moved from Weimar to Rome and started to work on an oratorio on the martyrdom of St. Stanislaus. The libretto was prepared by Lucjan Siemienski, Polish writer and folklorist. The original Polish text was translated into German by Peter Cornelius.


Liszt intended to compose a monumental oratorio that would have consisted of 4 scenes:

Scene 1:           The Cry of the Oppressed
Scene 2:           The Royal Feast
Scene 3:           The Miracle: Raising Petrus
Scene 4:           no title

Scenes 1 and 4 are left unfinished and there are no extant musical manuscripts for the Scenes 2 and 3.

The musical language of St. Stanislaus is marked by futuristic and modern musical ideas, characteristics of Liszt’s late period. Despite the fact that it remained incomplete, the St. Stanislaus oratorio is a monumental work; in spite of being a fragment it lasts almost one and a half hours.

In 2003 a part of the St. Stanislaus oratorio was recorded on CD, but the recording that is now being made by the Honvéd Male Choir, includes all musical material that can be found, thus it will be the most complete recording possible. We had to orchestrate the parts that were left only in piano scores. Composer Árpád Kakonyi undertook this noble task, using as principal source the orchestral scores in other themes of the oratorio.

To commemorate the bicentenary of Ferenc Liszt’s birth, the Honvéd Male Choir recorded the incomplete St. Stanislaus oratorio, and plans to perform it in the major cities of Hungary (such as Budapest, Pécs, and Debrecen).

As this masterpiece has never been presented in Hungary, this would be the Hungarian (maybe even European!) premiere.

Although the composition is left incomplete it is still very monumental. The oratorio lasts about 90 minutes, so it can be performed as an independent concert, as the parts that had existed only in piano score after the orchestration became of full value. To emphasize how European Liszt was, we plan to make the premiere of St. Stanislaus at the end of the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and before the beginning of the Polish EU Presidency. At the eve of the Polish EU presidency we would perform an oratorio about the patron saint of Poland, composed by the Hungarian and European Liszt, to salute this way the oeuvre of Ferenc Liszt, Poland and the idea of pan-europeanism. According to our plans, by the time of the concert premiere, the St. Stanislaus CD will be released and it will be available to the public.


Bernadett Wiedemann
István Kovács
Zsolt haja
Honved Male Choir
Danubia Orchestra
Budapest Studio Female Choir
Adrián Nagy László - organ
Conductor. Kálmán Strausz

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