Art on Lake


Contemporary water sculptures on the City Park Lake – a special exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts with Magdalena Abakanowicz and Krzysztof M. Bednarski

Tuesday 24 May — Sunday 4 September 2011

City Park Lake in Budapest

Budapest, XIV.Olof Palme sétány 5.

 Art on Lake

Contemporary water sculptures on the City Park Lake – a special exhibition by the Museum of Fine Arts with the participation of two Polish artists: Magdalena Abakanowicz and Krzysztof M. Bednarski.

The summer exhibition on the City Park Boating Lake titled Art on Lake promises to be one of the most exciting artistic productions of the year. Over a period of three months the public will have the opportunity to see sculptures, most of which were especially made for this occasion by 25 noted artists from 14 EU countries at an exhibition organised by the Museum of Fine Arts set in this unusual venue. The contemporary exhibition of fine arts, which is the result of three years of work, is one of the most important and spectacular domestic cultural events of Hungary’s EU rotating presidency. 

The Museum of Fine Arts occasionally undertakes the organisation of exhibitions displaying contemporary art, even though it primarily preserves and exhibits classical fine art. However, the organisation of a large-scale international show constitutes an unusual event in the history of the institution. This rare opportunity for the museum to step outside of its own walls is attributable to the attention paid to the institution by those interested in the fine arts in Hungary and perhaps throughout the whole of Europe. Instead of taking place in a closed exhibition hall, the show will be set on an open-air lake in the heart of the city displaying works by Belgian, Czech, Finnish, French, Dutch, Polish, German, Russian, Austrian, Romanian, Spanish, Slovakian and Hungarian artists that no one single museum in the world could put on. The exhibition, set on 35 thousand square metres of water situated in perhaps the most attractive part of the Hungarian capital, will definitely not escape the attention of tourists visiting here, who will have the opportunity to observe how twenty-five artists respond to the world around us.

The museum and the board of trustees it called upon – Péter Fitz, the director of the Municipal Picture Gallery, Krisztina Jerger, art historian and exhibition organiser, as well as Dr. Alexander Tolnay, an independent curator – have selected the exhibiting artists over the last three years. 

Invited artists: French artists Anne and Patrick Poirier, Spanish artists Susana Solano and Jaume Plensa, German artists Günther Uecker, Via Lewandowsky and Willi Weiner, Romanian artist Daniel Knorr, Czech artists Krištof Kintera and Jiří David, Slovak artist Erik Binder, English artist Heather Allen, Finnish artists Tea Makipaa and Halldor Ulfarsson, Dutch artists Laurens Kolks and Paul Segers,  Austrian artists Brigitte Kowanz and Joseph Bernhardt, Italian artist Mimmo Roselli, Polish artists Magdalena Abakanowicz and Krzysztof M. Bednarski, Belgian artist Gert Robijns, and Hungarian artists Róza El-Hassan, Zénó Kelemen, Ilona Németh and Balázs Kicsiny.

Main sponsors of the exhibition: the Department for Culture, Budapest City Council, Zugló District Council

The exhibition is supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute, National Museum in Wrocław, Culture and Art Centre in Wrocław, Polish Institute, Embassy of the Republic of Poland.

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