Central Europe After Twenty Years - International Conference


Central Europe After Twenty Years - International Conference 3 December 2009 (Thursday) - 4 December 2009 (Friday) Central European Cultural Institute

Thursday 3 December, 3:00 pm — Saturday 5 December 2009

Central Europe After Twenty Years - International Conference

3 December 2009 (Thursday) - 4 December 2009 (Friday)

Central European Cultural Institute
Budapest, VIII. Rákóczi út 15.

The language of the conference is English, translated simultaneously to Hungarian.

Entrance free.

December 3rd, 2009 (Thursday)

Márta Schneider, State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Culture
Péter Módos, Director of the Central European Cultural Institute

Opening address
Géza Jeszenszky (Hungary)
Historian, former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Professor of the Corvinus University

Session I
Chair: Rudolf Chmel (Czech Republic)
Literature historian, Ambassador of Czechoslovakia to Hungary, former Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Professor of the Charles University in Prague

Martin Bútora (Slovakia)
Sociologist, Writer, Founder President of the Institute for Public Affairs, Ambassador of Slovakia to US (1999-2003)
Demons and Angels of Central Europe

István Kovács (Hungary)
Historian, Poet, former Consul General in Poland
Culture as Engine of Diplomacy. Excerpts from the Diary of Consul General in Krakow

Emil Brix (Austria)
Diplomat and Historian, Director General for Cultural Politics of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Unfinished Story of Central Europe

László Szarka (Hungary)
Historian, Dean of the “Selye János” University
Minorities on the crossroads of democracy and nationalism
16.00-16.30 Coffee break

Session II
Chair: László Szarka (Hungary)
Historian, Dean of the “Selye János” University

László Szigeti (Slovakia)
Editor, Publicist, former Vice President of the Independent Hungarian Initiation, Founder director of the Kalligram Publishing House
The Field of the Continuous Transition

Renato Tubaro (Italy)
Historian, former President of Mitteleuropa Cultural Institute (ICM, Gorizia)
After Twenty Years? We should restart it

Bohumil DoleŸal (Czech Republic)
Literary critic, Politician
From the Chaos to the Policy. The Development of the Czech Political Stage from 1989 to 2002 in the Post-communist, Central-European Background

Marija Tonković (Croatia)
Art historian, Head of the department of Photography (Museum of Arts and Crafts), Professor of the Academy of Dramatic Art (Zagreb)
Between the World of Yesterday and Tomorrow – Croatia through Photography

László Göncz (Slovenia)
Poet, Historian, MP
Limit of the Transparent Borders – Slovenia and Mura Region after the Change of Regime

Memory of the Revolution – Timiºoara
Exhibition of the Association ”ALTAR 1989” and
the Timiºoara Section of the Romanian Association of Fine Arts
Opening by
Ireny Comaroschi, Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Hungary
Gábor Ujváry, Historian, Dean of ”Kodolányi János” University

19.00-20.30 Reception

December 4th, 2009 (Friday)

Session III
Chair: András Masát (Hungary)
Literary historian, Professor, Rector of the Andrássy University

György Schöpflin (Hungary)
Historian, Political scientist, MEP
1989 in the Mirror of the Events

Želimir Ko¹èević (Croatia)
Art historian, Professor
Seven troubles with Central&East EU avant-garde and what I have seen in Crystal Bowl

Giorgio Pressburger (Italy)
Writer, Director, Dramatic advisor
After Twenty Years, after Thousand Years

Wojciech Ornat (Poland)
Historian, Publisher, Director and Editor-in-chief of the Austeria Publishing House
History Forgotten, History Retrieved

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

Session IV
Chair: Ferenc Miszlivetz (Hungary)
Sociologist, Director of the Institute for European Studies, Savaria University Centre

Francesco Leoncini (Italy)
Historian, Professor of the Ca’ Foscari University
Central-Europe between Dependency and Integration before and after ’89

András Masát (Hungary)
Literary historian, Professor, Rector of the Andrássy University
Old and new positions of the Hungarian Culture in Germany: 1989-2009

Katarzyna Jagodzińska (Poland)
Art historian, Art critic, International Culture Centre in Krakow
Museums of Contemporary Art in Central Europe (1989-2009) – Museum Boom between Locality and the West

Serban Cioculescu (Romania)
Political scientist, Institute for Political Studies of Defense and Military History
From Tyranny to Democratic Pluralism. Romania's Transformation since the end of the Communist Regime

Stream of Images (Danube) – movie presentation about the exhibition and performance in 2010
Presented by Péter Tóth G. (Directorate of the Museums in Veszprém County); Sándor Papp, (Slovak Museum of the Hungarian Culture); Tamás Kende (Directorate of the Museums in Pest County, Szentendre)
– in collaboration with the Slovak Institute –

13.30-15.00 Reception