Freedom '89


FREEDOM '89 Festiwal to commemoratate 20 years of 1989 transition 4 June 2009, 5 pm - 2 am Gödör Klub Budapest

Thursday 4 June 2009, 7:00 pm

Gödör, Budapest


Festiwal to commemoratate 20 years of 1989 transition

4 June 2009, 5 pm - 2 am

Gödör Klub

Through the initiative of the Polish Institute in Budapest, seven countries will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the 1989 Year. FREEDOM ’89 Festival – organised by foreign cultural institutes based in Budapest – is a festival of contemporary music and free art. The program includes concerts, park action performances and a round-table discussion with participation of renowned Hungarian artists. The Festival is organised on 4 June, the 20th anniversary of free Polish parliamentary elections in 1989.

The first free elections of 4 June 1989 in Poland were the first free parliamentary elections in communist countries. The Polish elections, and the first democratic government of Tadeusz Mazowiecki, were not only fundamental milestones in Polish political life, but prompted the transition in all other countries in our region.

Changes in Poland speeded up the process of democratic changes, such as opening up of Hungarian-Austrian border (10 September 1989), Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia (17-27 November 1989), the fall of Berlin Wall (9 November 1989), or revolution in Timisoara and Bucharest (16-22 December 1989). In January 1989, there was merely a hint of changes to the political system in our countries. By December 1989, democracy and independence was a reality or close to being fulfilled in most countries of our region.

A selection of archive photos from each country will be exhibited in Gödör Klub to recall the historic days of transition in 1989.

FREEDOM’89 is a festival of free art and culture. The programs will not talk about history of socialism, but rather recall the joyous moments in 1989 when political freedom and freedom of speech was finally regained. All artists invited to the festival are important representatives of contemporary art in their countries.

Participating countries:
Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia

Polish Institute in Budapest
Bulgarian Culture Institute Budapest
Czech Center, Budapest
Goethe Institute, Budapest
Romanian Culture Institute Budapest
Slovakian Institute Budapest
Host: Gödör Klub, Budapest

The event is organised within the EUNIC Budapest cluster.

17.00-18.00:Discussion of Hungarian artists about 1989 (in Hungarian). Participants:
Ibolya Fekete, film director; István ef Zámbó, visual artist/musician/performer, Tibor Szemző, musician. Moderator: Balázs Lévai.
18.00: Malko Teatro: Without Frontiers (BG/H) - theatre
19.00: DruŸina (SK) – concert
20.00: Kormorany (PL) - concert
21.00: Yellow Sisters (CZ) - concert
22.00: Agostones (H) - concert
23.15: Nightlosers (RO) - concert
00.30: Mathias Schaffhäuser (D) DJ mix 89’

Throughout the evening:
Artus Theater: park actions
EleKTro mOOn Vision (PL/H) - VJ visual mix ’89

Free entry to all events.