Andrzej Szczeklik - Kore


Andrzej Szczeklik - Kore literature evening

Thursday 20 November 2008, 7:00 pm

Polish Institute

Andrzej Szczeklik - Kore

literary evening

20 listopada 2008, 6 pm

Polish Institue
Bp., VI. Nagymezõ u. 15.

The moderator of the evening will be Dezső Németh psychologist, assistant professor of the Institue of Psychology (University of Szeged).

Another meeting with the profesor will take place on the 19 of November 2008 at 5 pm at the Medical Clinic nr 1. Address: Bp. VIII. Korányi Sándor u. 2/a

This book follows on from Szczeklik’s first publication, Catharsis (Chicago UP, 2005), has similar aims and takes a similar approach. Catharsis received excellent reviews and was reissued in 2007 in paperback. In places this book is perhaps more scientifically detailed, while always remaining accessible to the non-scientist, but it is essentially Volume Two of Catharsis.