Design Week


Young Polish Designers and Consumerism Exhibition of Polish Design DESIGN WEEK

Tuesday 18 October, 6:00 pm — Saturday 19 November 2005

Polish Institute

The Polish Institute in Budapest cordially invites you and your friends to the opening of the exhibition

Young Polish Designers and Consumerism

as part of Design Week, at the Polish Institute on Tuesday, 18 October 2005, at 4 pm.

Opening speech by Czesława Frejlich, curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition can be viewed until 18 November 2005, on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

Exhibition of selected works by the younger generation of Polish designers

organised within DESIGN WEEK in Budapest

When Poland rejected Marxist Socialism in 1989 in order to build a consumer society, few people realised what challenges and pitfalls the new system would create. The world of design also had to re-formulate its goals and objectives. Questions were asked about the role of the designer in a society whose economy is based on the maximisation of consumption.

The main thesis of the Polish presentation at last year’s Biennale Internationale Design 2004 in Saint-Étienne were standpoints taken when FACING Consumerism, allowing the younger generation of Polish designers to express their views on this issue. The work presented here – chosen from around 300 pieces submitted – reflect three positions;

ACCEPTANCE for the entanglement of design in consumerism,

OPPOSITION, expressed by embracing subjects emphasising other needs than consumerism e.g. ecology, disability, homelessness, and

IRONY, making fun of consumerism as a modern fetish.

Although it’s difficult to pass judgement on the three positions, each of them has the potential for producing good designs.

Magda Kochanowska