„Europe according to Auschwitz”


„Europe according to Auschwitz” - Report Laboratory from Warsaw University Guest speakers: Marek Miller and Zbigniew Zbikowski

Friday 21 January 2005, 8:00 pm

Holocaust Museum, Budapest

Europe according to Auschwitz - The international project to create the Auschwitz Death Camp Chronicle/Reportage

The authors intent to create a Chronicle/Reportage, in which important events from the camp's history will be told in the voices of eyewitnesses. This will be an attempt to recreate what happened through the prisoners' own accounts. This is a method, in which the narration is composed of statements by actual participants in the events described, was created by the Reportage Workshop. It became the framework of several books by the Director of the School of Reportage, Marek Miller. These include a reportage from the filming of "Pan Tadeusz," written at the request of its director, Andrzej Wajda, as well as the story of the Łódź film school and a history of Polish aristocratic spheres.

The Auschwitz Chronicle compares statements by the Nazis, gathered mainly during interrogations and trials, with the accounts of the prisoners. The chronicle will be an attempt at showing what being human is all about, of what human beings are capable and how they behave in extreme situations. It will be a tale about the good and evil dormant in human nature.

Project website (in English): http://www.en.reporter.edu.pl/project_description