Vołosi / Lajkó Félix / Alexander Balanescu


Ördögkatlan Festival 2018. Concert commemorating the centenary of the regaining of Polish independence.

Saturday 4 August 2018, 7:00 pm


7772 Villánykövesd

VOŁOSI is one of the most prominent ensembles in the Polish world music scene. Their debut at The New Tradition Festival in 2010 yielded all possible awards. One year later their piece “Dusk” won Svetozar Stracina Grand Prix at The European Broadcasting Union in Bratislava, named the best European folk composition in 2011. In 2012 their CD ranked among the top in the World Music Charts Europe. VOŁOSI and their music reach far beyond the folk music category. Its essence is the energy of remote musical worlds colliding. Crossing boundaries is part of the show. Traditional musicians meet classical instrumentalists and travel along, reaching the unheard before. Their music derives from the tradition only partly. Rather, they are people immersed in tradition, creating a totally new quality. It was the same story when jazz was born. Even though their music sounds familiar, it really is entirely original and inimitable. Here is what they say about playing together:

“Remembering something that we have forgotten is the root of our music making. It is

a primeval joy of conversing with sounds. It is something that truly moves us and puts us into

a trance. Purely sensual feeling, fun with rhythm, sounds, harmony and echoes. We love this


Since their debut VOŁOSI performed internationally during many concerts, festivals and events. Their concert tours in Germany, Denmark, Georgia, Ukraine, and Belarus have been received enthusiastically by critics and the public. They performed for country leaders of Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. Their concerts was live broadcasted by Polish Radio 2, Polish Radio 3 and Westdeutscher Rundfunk 3.


TFF Rudolstadt, Songlines Encounters in London, Berlinale, United Islands in Prague, Stockholm Fringe Festival, Colours of Ostrava, EBU Festival in Opatia, Cross Culture in Warsaw, ArtPole in Ukraine, ArtGene in Tbilisi, Polish Colours, Two Riversides, Spoiwa Kultury, FolkBaltica in Flensburg, ArtZona in Tbilisi, Globaltica World Cultures Festival, Folk Holidays, Ancient Trance Festival, Szczecin Tenis Festival, Transkaukazja, One Caucasus, Musicalia in Stosdorf, Chanterelle, Bronislaw Huberman Festival, Elvermose Koncerter, Ethno Jazz Festival, AUKSO Summer Academy


2010 - New Tradition Festival in Warsaw: Grand Prix, Czesław Niemen Award, Golden Fiddle, Applause Storm,

2011 - European Broadcasting Union „Svetozar Stracina Grand Prix” in Bratislava for the piece „Dusk”

2012 - CD VOŁOSI in TOP20 World Music Charts Europe