BUSH 2017 – Budapest Showcase Hub

Thursday 16 November 2017, 9:45 pm


1061 Budapest, Király u. 46.

Lor is a group consisted of four talented teenager girls from Cracow: Julia Skiba (compositions and piano), Paulina Sumera (lyrics), Jagoda Kulińska (vocal) and Julia Błachuta (violin). Their music is stunningly climatic, based on subtle tones of piano and violin, which perfectly correspond with unique and engaging vocal lines. Lor emerged in the beginning of 2015, when the girls composed their first song -The Garden of Happy Dead People, which was inspired by a painting by Friedrich Hundertwasser. In September 2015 Lor released their first music video to song Windmill, which was honoured by the biggest polish tv station – TVN, and Polish National Radio. The band had a chance to perform on such events as Spring Break, Slot Art, Soundrive, European Mucis Trades Co jest grane, they also supperted norwegian artist Aurora. Girls define their music style as folk and say that their main inspirations are artists such as: Tom Rosenthal, Sóley, Agnes Obel, Fever Ray and Birdy.