MEME COMPETITION- Maria Skłodowska–Curie 150th birthday

MÉMVERSENY – Maria Skłodowska-Curie 150. születésnapja

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Poster awarded in the 2010 edition of the AMS Gallery competition, author: Jan Bajtlik

MEME COMPETITION- Maria Skłodowska–Curie 150th birthday


To commemorate Maria Skłodowska – Curie, the world-know physicist and chemist born in Warsaw on 7 November 1867, later to become a French citizen. She was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize, the first person ever and the only woman to receive it twice, the only person to hold the Noble Prize in two different fields of science (1903: physics with her husband Pierre Curie and another French researcher Henri Becquerel; 1911: chemistry). In fact, Maria Skłodowska – Curie established the Curie family that altogether has gathered five Nobel Prizes. She was the first woman to become a professor at the University of Paris, and in 1995 became the first woman to be entombed on her own merits in the Panthéon in Paris. Her eternal contribution to science includes the theory of radioactivity as well as the discovery of two elements, polonium and radium.

How to take part?  

Create a “meme” (in Hungarian or English) based on a photography featuring Maria Skłodowska – Curie. Use your sense of humour and creativity!  To ease your work, we invite you to work with five archive pictures (see attachment), whose meaning is described in the accompanying text. However, you may use any other picture you find suitable for the competition. In any cases, the “meme” should refer to Maria Skłodowska – Curie or a wider topic “Women and science”.   

Who can take part?  

There is no age limit. Thus anyone interested in the life and work of Maria Skłodowska – Curie is most welcome. Use your imagination to reflect on this unique woman! 


Send your work saved as jpg. or pdf. file no later than 25 October 2017, 23.59 pm to: Participation in the competition will automatically mean your assent to transferring all copyrights related to your work onto the organisers of the competition. 


Representatives of the Polish Institute, the Association of  Hungarian Women in Science and the Palace of Wonders.

Announcement of results:  

The works found most valuable by the jury will be displayed for the first time during the international conference “Women and science” to be held on 27 October 2017 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The full list of prize-winners will be published on the same day on the website of the Polish Institute.