Rykarda Parasol (US)


Born in the USA but living for a long time in France the extravagant songwriter-singer Rykarda Parasol melts together with greatest simplicity the traditions of art-pop, art-rock and theatre. Erotica, senses and intellect: this is the unclassifyable Rykarda Parasol.

Friday 25 November 2016, 8:00 pm

A38 Hajó

Budapest, Henryk Sławik rakpart (Petőfi híd budai hídfő)

Rykarda Parasol is a composer, lyricist, vocalist, musician, and performer. Originally from San Francisco, she now splits her time between there and Paris, France. The daughter of polish immigrants, she grew up in a mixed-culture household. Like any ancient explorer, she has stories and musings to convey. With a precarious, gender-bending vocal she weaves tales of identity, experience, loss, and adventure with elegance and discernment that moves beyond the modern rock genre. Rykarda Parasol is invested in storytelling from the get-go. Her lyrics, delivery and shadowy tone have garnered favorable comparisons to Lou Reed, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Jim Morrison and the like -- as well as literary types such as William Faulkner and Christina Rossetti. Yet her mode is a unique electric mix that combines vintage sounds of Murder Ballad, French Pop, Doo-wop, and even bits of Motown.

Often commuting/performing throughout Poland and beyond Central Europe playing solo or with her Warsaw-based band. It is this continental experience that colors so many of her personal narratives. Equipped with a writer's sensibilities, she often delivers her tales in a unique sing-talk style. Parasol describes her own darkly-tinged sound as "Rock Noir", which much like Film Noir, is stylishly dramatic, steeped in psychological motivation, and employs the use of shadowy tones to create mystery and suspense.

Parasol's work stands apart in that she has created a body of work. Each album, though unique, is interlinked to each other and conveys a larger story about the evolution of the narrator from outsider, to rejecter, to independent, and finally opens themselves up to vulnerability. The artwork, collages created by Parasol, work to highlight this connection as well as further the depth of each individual album. Much of her work is steeped in American music of the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s - which is again is illustrated in the evolution of the narrator over a passing of each album.

Concert supported by the Polish Institute in Budapest

The support act will come by the ingenious Balázs Temesvári through his romantic biodark ballads featuring Dani Gál from  the Képzelt Város band (T. Bali - guitar, vocals, Dániel Gál - bass guitar, vocals).