Jazz Juniors


Polska Jazz 2016 – 4th Polish Jazz Festival. Winners of JAZZ JUNIORS 2015: Quindependence – Stanisław Słowiński Quintet

Friday 11 November 2016, 9:00 pm

Budapest Music Center (BMC) Opus Jazz Club

1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8.

Each year, “JAZZ JUNIORS” brings to light young jazz talents, who feed the Polish and European jazz scene. For more than ten years, the Contest has had an international character; it has created an attractive musical platform for innovative international projects, for which the only chance is to emerge here. “JAZZ JUNIORS” also means a unique chance to hear the greatest stars of jazz in Cracow. 



21:00 Quindependence

JAZZ JUNIORS 2015, Cracow – Winners of the Second Prize 

Dominik Borek - trumpet
Krzysztof Matejski - sax
Michal Salamon - piano
Milosz Skwirut - double bass
Pawel Nowak - drums

The band was invented by the students of Cracow’s Music Academy Faculty of Jazz and Drums in 2015 and it rushed into jazz environment. Individual experience and united artistic vision resulted with the quick effect no sensitive music lover could pass by indifferently. The best proof for this was the band’s success just a month since it was formed, by winning 2nd prize of Jazz Juniors 2015. 

The artists don’t determine their style firmly. They consequently mark the direction of their music peregrinations. Referring to the tradition doesn’t restrict the spectrum of searching, more of, it gives them an impulse to develop their individual language. 

“The quintet is a starting point for us, like point zero on number line – there is something which was there before, means the tradition we arise from, on the other hand there is a point of clash with what we mark. In this combination we would like to show ourselves and our independence. Our individual experiences and inspirations confront within the band and make the hybrid of stylistic diversity and ambiguity, even we are not able to indicate at the moment.” as their statement says.




22:00 Stanisław Słowiński Quintet

JAZZ JUNIORS 2015, Cracow – Winners of the First Prize 

Stanisław Słowiński - violin
Zbyszek Szwajdych - trumpet, flugelhorn
Kasia Pietrzko - piano
Justyn Małodobry - double bass
Max Olszewski - drums

Inspired by the classics of Polish jazz and under a strong influence of the sonoric richness and complexity of modern classical music, the band’s priority is creating its own individual sound built upon the outcome of emotions within the music.

“The Quintet’s music is full of intense emotion. Although, undoubtedly, the modern tone of expression is dominant in their work, there are also many allusions to traditional jazz. One of the characteristic factors of the band’s original sound is also a noticeable, though often very subtle influence of the folk tradition, which adds even more colour to Słowiński’s music.” UrszulaNowak, jazzarium.pl

“...Słowiński’s band possesses a winning spontaneity and effective violin work by its leader, you can also hear that it is a well-knit group. It is universal known that a band must be as thick as a thieves: always together, for better or for worse, in the hardships and road towards fame. This band is truly a thick gang: their joy at playing together is undeniable.” Piotr Iwicki, Jazz Gazeta





Tickets are available for 1300 HUF on the spot, in the national JEGYPONT network of Interticket, at jegy.hu and here.