The season of the Polish cinema starts again in Budapest!

Thursday 14 April — Wednesday 20 April 2016

Kino Művész

Bp. VI., Teréz krt. 30.


2015 / 93

Pyton arrives in Poland with one thing in mind: to marry his beautiful fiancé Żaneta. After receiving approval from his future father-in-law, all runs smoothly. However complications begin to occur when Pyton finds a human skeleton buried in the backyard of his newly inherited property. During the wedding reception, gathered guests notice the groom’s bizarre behaviour. Will the newlyweds live happily ever after, after all? 

directed by: Marcin Wrona
director of photography: Paweł Flis
cast: Itay Tiran, Agnieszka Żulewska, Andrzej Grabowski, Tomasz Schuchardt,
produced by: Magnet Man Film


2015 / 110

Award winning director and screenwriter Krzysztof Łukasiewicz takes the viewer to 2004, Kurdistan, to show the dramatic and unexpected battle between unprepared Polish and Bulgarian soldiers and Iraqi rebels. The film invites you to think about loyalty, humanity and courage along with desire, revenge, aggression and helplessness, in the hopes of conveying that war doesn’t only take place as an abstraction within our minds, but is a real crime committed by people everyday. Karbala is a first class Polish war film, and certainly holds its own on an international scale.

 directed by: Krzysztof Łukaszewicz

director of photography: Arkadiusz Tomiak PSC
cast: Bartłomiej Topa, Hristo Shopov, Antoni Królikowski, Tomasz Schuchardt
produced by: Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych

THESE DAUGHTERS OF MINE / Moje córki krowy

2015 / 88

Two distant, middle-aged sisters are forced to come together in the face of their mother’s illness. Marta the outspoken actress and Kasia the more sensitive of the two play the leads, bouncing well off of each other to hit comedic and dramatic notes. A documentarian by nature, Dębska promises to highlight the realities of human nature, and then proceed to make us laugh and cry at their absurdity. After Hel (2009) this is Dębska’s second feature film.

directed by Kinga Dębska
director of photography: Andrzej Wojciechowski PSC
cast: Agata Kulesza, Gabriela Muskała, Marian Dziędziel, Marcin Dorociński
produced by: Studio Filmowe Kalejdoskop

LIFE MUST GO ON / Żyć nie umierać

2015 / 86

When an actor, who suffers from alcoholism, finds out that he has incurable cancer and only three more months to live, he decides to turn his life around and most importantly reconnect with his daughter. Is three months enough to fix all of life's mistakes? Life Must Go On is inspired by the true story of actor Tadeusz Szymków.

directed by: Maciej Migas
director of photography: Radosław Ładczuk PSC
cast: Tomasz Kot, Janusz Chabior, Jacek Braciak, Ireneusz Czop, Dawid Somló,
produced by: Instytucja Filmowa Film-Art


A Polish family emigrates to Northern Sweden in order to seek a better way of life. The couple face difficulties in adapting to their new environment, however, Ula, their 7-year-old daughter adjusts to the foreign surroundings with ease. When an innocent lie arouses suspicion, tragic consequences occur, placing Ula within a foster family. Her parents undertake a dramatic fight with the cruel machine of Swedish bureaucracy to get their child back.

directed by Dariusz Gajewski
director of photography: Monika Lenczewska
cast: Agnieszka Grochowska, Bartłomiej Topa, Barbara Kubiak, Ewa Fröling,
produced by: TAKFILM

BODY / Ciało

Awarded the Silver Bear for Best Director at the 2015 Berlinale Film Festival, Body is a dark comedy drama on what it means to be alive, death and what comes after. When a cynic prosecutor and his daughter, who suffers from Anorexia, lose their wife and mother respectively, they struggle to deal with their new reality and to reconnect with each other. It’s only when spiritual therapist, Anna, with a fundamentally different view on life after death, enters their lives that something begins to change.

directed by Małgorzata Szumowska
director of photography: Michał Englert PSC
cast: Janusz Gajos, Maja Ostaszewska, Justyna Suwała, Ewa Dałkowska,
produced by: NOWHERE


Wiktor, Polish ambassador in Uruguay, is painfully struggling with the death of his wife. After coming back to Poland, he meets Oleg, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, a friend from twenty years ago when he himself was an underground activist and Oleg made his first steps in Polish Soviet diplomacy. Their friendship is scarred with two suspicions, though. Wiktor presumes that Oleg was infiltrating Polish underground and was his wife’s lover.

directed by Krzysztof Zanussi
director of photography: Edward Kłosiński
cast: Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, Nikita Michałkow, Jerzy Stuhr, Daniel Olbrychski
produced by: Studio Filmowe "Tor"


ADVENTURERS’ CLUB / Klub włóczykijów

Screen version of the book by Edmund Niziurski. Uncle Dionizy Kiwajłło, called in the family a bald madman, is looking for his grandfather’s treasure from the times of the II World War with the assistance of two boys, Kornel Kiwajłło and Max. Typical adventure film plot twists, comic misunderstandings, chases and traps, encrypted information and a found treasure map, which then burns on a grill!

directed by Tomasz Szafrański
director of photography: Michał Grabowski
cast: Bogdan Kalus, Tomasz Karolak, Wojciech Mecwaldowski, Jakub Wróblewski, Franciszek Dziduch,

produced by: Domino Film, Instytucja Filmowa Silesia-Film, All, Film Factory, Isyrius, Em Audio