Honorary guest of Judafest 2015: POLAND


All you ever wanted to know about the culture of Polish Jews!

Sunday 7 June, 10:00 am — Sunday 7 June 2015, 8:00 pm

Those interested in the life of Jews in Poland are awaited with workshops, cultural programs, exhibitions, film screenings and a concert of the Rzeszów Klezmer Band. Come and discover the Polish-Jewish cuisine, whose richness will be unveiled by Malka Kafka, a sought-after culinary animator in Poland and owner of the successful Tel Aviv Café in Warsaw. Walk and learn about the revival of Jewish traditions in Poland while watching the exhibition conceived by the Jewish Community of Warsaw! The other outdoor exhibition will present a selection of Poland-born Jewish personalities who have become internationally renowned in different fields (music, film, science, literature, visual arts, philosophy, politics). Workshops will give children and adults alike an opportunity to experience Yiddish – the historical language of Central Eastern European Jews that has developed over centuries under immense influence of Polish – and face artistic challenges referring to traditional Jewish themes.


Rzeszow Klezmer Band was formed In November 2004 in Rzeszów, due to the exhibition dedicated to Bruno Schulz which took place at city art gallery at that time. No one thought then, that a coincident and the passion of young artists would be a starting point of a great adventure with klezmer music. In the beginning of its existence RKB was giving concerts in Rzeszow, where it has been appearing on the local stage and taking part in different contests and musical reviews. After a year of their activity, artists were invited by Robert Sulkiewicz to give a concert in his restaurant “U Fryzjera” located in Kazimierz Dolny. They have met with bigger audience there and earned their acknowledgement. This lead to a permanent co-operation with the restaurant. Provided by the regular performances in Kazimierz Dolny, RKB was receiving more and more invitations from all over the country. By this time the band gave over 300 concerts not only in Poland but also abroad. They participated in a number of contests and festivals such as “Warszawa Singera” Festival (2007, 2008; during which by accompanying they took part in breaking Guinness record in chassid dance), “Nowa Tradycja” Festival in Warsaw (2006), Festival of Klezmer Music and Tradition (2006, 2007, 2008) and “Kazimierskie Inspiracje” Festival (2008) in Kazimierz Dolny. They also took part in “Spotkania z Kulturą Żydowską” (2007) in Łódź and multicultural “Galicja” Festival (2007) in Rzeszów. Young musicians consider participating in “SZIGET” Festival (2007) in Budapest, in “Klezfiesta” Festival (2008) in Buenos Aires and in “EXPO” Exhibition (2010) in Shanghai their biggest accomplishments. They were also giving concerts in Lithuania, Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Greece, Macedonia and many other countries. They repeatedly co-operated with klezmer dance choreographer Leon Blank and with Steven Lee Weintraub. RKB also participated in recordings for Polish Television and Polish Radio. Tunes played by the musicians are klezmer melodies arranged in a way to combine tradition and modernity. Their first album “Siedem” consists of a part of the previous works of the band. Young and energetic artists create music which appeals to the audience. Their performances are full of life, diverse and ravishing. RKB’s music can both make you want to dance and move you deeply.

  •  Jacek  Anyszek: clarinet
  • Mateusz Chmiel: clarinet, sax
  • Dariusz Kot: accordion
  • Wojciech Jajuga: double bass
  • Kamil Siciak: drums
  • Katarzyna Blat: vocal – klarnet