70th anniversary of the death of Captain Witold Pilecki

Seventy years ago, Witold Pilecki was murdered in the prison on Rakowiecka Street in Warsaw. He was a Polish officer, a member of the Polish Underground State, the only voluntary prisoner of the Nazi German concentration camp Auschwitz as well as the author of the so-called Pilecki Reports.
25 May 2018

Fourteen years of Poland's membership in the EU

Poland, together with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Cyprus and Malta, joined the European Union on 1 May 2004. It was the largest EU enlargement in history.
2 May 2018

Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad Day

In 2002, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland established the Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad Day to be celebrated on 2 May. This initiative recognised the "long-standing achievements and contribution of the Polish diaspora and Poles abroad in helping Poland regain its independence, loyalty and attachment to their identity, as well as assistance to the homeland in its most difficult moments."
2 May 2018


The 3 May Constitution of 1791 was most probably the world’s second codified constitution. Its authorship is ascribed to King Stanisław II August, Grand Marshall of Lithuania Ignacy Potocki, and the priest and philosopher Fr. Hugo Kołłątaj.
2 May 2018

Poland’s Day of the Flag

The Day of the Flag is celebrated on 2nd May. On this Day, Poles reflect upon the long history of the red and white national colours and proudly display flags outside their houses.
2 May 2018

Eighth anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash

In the early morning hours of 10 April 2010, a special Tu-154M plane crashed near Smolensk, with Polish President Lech Kaczyński and First Lady Maria Kaczyńska on board, killing all 96 passengers – top state officials, military commanders, and the plane crew.
9 April 2018

The Witness of History Award

The Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) hereby announces the fourth edition of the international „Witness of History" award (deadline: 30th of June 2018).
10 March 2018

March 1968

Jan Żaryn: The Church in Poland and the Events of March 1968
8 March 2018

EUNIC Hungary Intern Call

Internship position open at EUNIC Hungary, a part of the European National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) established in 2006 to increase the visibility and role of European culture around the world. Application deadline: 31st March 2018.
1 March 2018

"Cursed Soldiers" National Remembrance Day

For many soldiers, the dissolution of the Home Army in 1945 did not mean the end of the struggle for a just cause. On the contrary, the Red Army’s occupation of the territories of the Republic of Poland, resulting in the disbanding of the Polish Underground State, was the beginning of a new battle for a free Poland and its good name as well as, in time, a struggle to preserve historical truth.
1 March 2018